Installing dogecoin commandline on Ubuntu 16.04

git clone

cd dogecoin/src


# Pick some path to install BDB to, here we create a directory within the dogecoin directory
mkdir -p $BDB_PREFIX

# Fetch the source and verify that it is not tampered with
wget ‚‘
echo ‚08238e59736d1aacdd47cfb8e68684c695516c37f4fbe1b8267dde58dc3a576c db-5.1.29.NC.tar.gz‘ | sha256sum -c
# -> db-5.1.29.NC.tar.gz: OK
tar -xzvf db-5.1.29.NC.tar.gz

# Build the library and install to our prefix
cd db-5.1.29.NC/build_unix/
# Note: Do a static build so that it can be embedded into the executable, instead of having to find a .so at runtime
../dist/configure –enable-cxx –disable-shared –with-pic –prefix=$BDB_PREFIX
make install

# Configure Dogecoin Core to use our own-built instance of BDB

./configure --without-guiLDFLAGS=“-L/home/coin/github/litecoin/db5/lib/“ CPPFLAGS=“-I/home/coin/github/litecoin/db5/include/“


make install


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